Richland High School Class of 1968
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Richland High School Class of 1968 - Class Trivia Contest #1
RHS Trivia

1. Who was voted most likely to succeed?
A - John Gordon
B - Alice Simpson
C - Ed Funk
D - Alan Parks
E - Donna Franks

2. What math teacher and english teacher were married the year we graduated?
A - Mr. Grant & Miss Harbor
B - Mr. Grant and Miss Glenn
C - Mr. Morris & Miss Harbor
D - Mr. Harbor & Miss Grant

3. what couple ran off the Mexico to get married and later had eight children?
A - Julie and Greg Latshaw
B - Alice and Jim Jordan
C - Margie and Tommy Hooper
D - Vicki and Don Pitzer

4. Who shaved his head, and became known as Buddha?
A - Greg Latshaw
B - Joe Harold Frazier
C - Billy Parsons
D - Tim McClendon

5. Who had her hair cut in a Sasoon, and got demerits in Dixie Belles?
A - Vickie Brooks
B - Marsha Stateham
C - Penny Fleming
D - Margie Davis

6. Which older classmate went to France and had all her beautiful red hair cut off?
A - Darla Ray
B - Bette Midler
C - Margo Hartin
D - Judy Jones

7. How many sets of twins were in the class of '68?
A - six
B - one
C - three
D - ten

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